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TMJ or bite problems

Your perfect smile starts with a perfect bite.

Dr. Pappas’ goal is to make sure that all of your teeth work together and give you a healthy, beautiful smile. That’s why he will conduct one of the most comprehensive dental exams you will ever have to pinpoint any bite or TMJ problems. If detected, these conditions can be effectively treated by Dr. Pappas with splint therapy. By helping you achieve healthy occlusion — also known as a “proper bite” — Dr. Pappas can develop the most appropriate cosmetic and restorative dental program for your individual needs. Once you have a proper bite, you will be esthetically satisfied, have good bite patterns, be less likely to develop gum disease and greatly minimize wear on your teeth. Of course, a proper bite can also put an end to common TMJ symptoms such as jaw pain, tension-type headaches, facial pain and earaches.

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If you are searching for an experienced dentist in Boston, visit Dr. John P. Pappas at Masterpiece Dentistry at Copley. With many years of advanced training and experience,
Dr. John P. Pappas has beautifully crafted many smiles using innovative cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. John P. Pappas is dedicated to excellence in cosmetic dentistry such as tooth whitening, invisible braces (Invisalign ®) and veneers. Located in the heart of Copley Square the office serves patients throughout Boston including areas such as
Back Bay, and the South End.